The area was first settled by the Pedee, Cheraw, and Waccamaw Indians. Native Americans were attracted to the many resources provided by the nearby Little Pee Dee and Great Pee Dee Rivers. English settlers followed, migrating inland from the South Carolina coast, and by the late 1700's, the communities that eventually became Marion, Mullins, Nichols, and Sellers began to prosper.

In 1798, the county was named Marion in honor of General Francis Marion, the notorious "Swamp Fox" of the Revolutionary War. Today, a statue honoring this hero of guerilla warfare stands in the City of Marion's square, one of many reminders that an exciting history remains vital to life in Marion County.

Marion Presbyterian Church is a missionary effort of Hopewell Presbyterian Church, located in Florence County.  The Rev. David E. Frierson came to Marion in the late 1840's and began meeting every two weeks with the
six charter members.  They met in the original Marion County Court House, designed by Robert Mills, and located where the History and Archives building is today.  In 1850 Archibald McIntyre, husband of Sophia McIntyre, made it known he wanted to give land for the Sanctuary.  Shortly after donating the land, he died in a carriage accident.  The Sanctuary was built during 1851 based on a "Meeting House" style and was ready for worship February 1852.  The minutes of Session indicate the difficulty experienced during the early years.  The records show no entries during the "period of unpleasantness", we can only assume Session was unable to meet from 1861 through 1865.  After the war, the people of the South tried to put their lives together again and church played an important role in this effort.  A number of the freed slaves continued to work at the same plantations as before the war.  Today some of their descendants still live on land given to them by the plantation owners.

Our records move to 1926 where we show about 25 new members were accepted as members of the church.  The image of the Church on the homepage was drawn by a relative of one the members that joined in 1926.  His name is John Moffitt, but we don't have any further information about him.  Marion Church was a charter member of Pee Dee Presbytery and continued as we merged into New Harmony Presbytery.  Twenty-six years later, in 1952, the church celebrated its 100th year.  Marion Church continued to prosper and enjoyed increases in membership and in the 1970's began a series of renovations that reached into the 1980's.  Today we have a remodeled interior and a Flentrop organ was purchased and installed.  This created the only change to the exterior by extending the rear of the church to accommodate the organ and add facilities.  Great care has been given to maintain the original exterior.

Not only do we take great pride in our rich heritage but we have nurtured our congregation in their journey of faith.  The membership has maintained it's level of about 200 for many years.  Our congregation gives freely of their resources, enabling MPC to do mission work in many areas.  Such as trips to Mexico, the Gulf Region, and local involvement with Habitat for Humanity.  Our youth attend Montreat Youth Conference every year, they also take rafting trips, beach trips, and even a Braves baseball game.  We enjoy the fellowship of dinner on the grounds, family night suppers, and Youth Group chicken bogs. A group even put the idea of a soup lunch for the underprivileged into action.  Camp Pee Dee, our local church retreat, is on our calendar every fall.  This is a special time that our church family comes together for spiritual renewal as well as plenty of fun and games.  MPC offers opportunities for everyone to get involved in the life of the church.  Our "phone tree" enables us to respond to unexpected needs of our members and neighbors.  Thanks to the leadership of one member we have organized visits to the nursing homes in the area.  We have an active Church School, Pioneer Group, Youth Group, Women of the Church, and Men's Group.  The strength of our church is derived from the work of many individuals in groups or taking on challenges alone.  Marion Church actively seeks to find and serve the needs of the smaller and larger community.
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Rev. David E. Frierson
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Hopewell Presbyterian Church
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